Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

May 01, 2020

Data from
every transaction

Insights from every transaction available however you need them. A customizable user interface, scheduled reports, and enterprise APIs.

Speech analytics
on 100% of calls

Sentiment analysis from every call making it possible to spot patterns in customer behavior.

customer service

Speech-based Virtual Agent gives customers new ways to interact with your business.

Accelerated artificial intelligence deployment

8×8 provides insights across all your transactions and its AI models are securely trained using years of aggregate data.

Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Solutions

A brief overview of 8×8’s capabilities when it comes to AI and cloud solutions! Subscribe to keep up to date on business solutions as well as more videos from Enterprise Connect!

Where are you seeing the big effects
of AI in the Contact Center

On this special episode of ‘Communications. Transformed.’, 8×8 Contact Center expert Kay Phelps and CEO of LANtelligence, Martin Tracey share insights on how 3 key technologies can drive peak performance of your contact center. You will learn how artificial intelligence (AI), speech analytics and agent enablement tools can boost both efficiency and effectiveness. Discover how to leverage these technologies to improve performance and boost your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) scores.

8x8 Virtual Contact Center Analytics

If you want to improve performance at your contact center, you need more than data, you need insights. Welcome to 8×8 Virtual Contact Center Analytics–a suite of reports and dashboards with breakthrough capabilities to uncover how you are really serving your customers, and how this impacts your business.

The depth of our analytics is like no other in the industry. Built on our Big Data warehouse, Virtual Contact Center Analytics lets you build powerful reports based on a wide variety of metrics.

See how much time agents are spending supporting customers across all media versus doing off-line work. Get a look at which support lines are having service issues. And identify which agents are delivering the best customer experience.

Want to know what’s going on in your contact center at a glance? 8×8 offers 4 powerful dashboards. Instantly spot areas where performance is good, or poor. See how agents are doing across your entire center, and compare their performance against critical metrics.

Virtual Contact Center Analytics uncovers the hidden issues at your business, and helps you draw the right conclusions.

It’s an unprecedented tool for anyone who wants to build better relationships with their customers.