Cloud PBX

Connect your business globally with enterprise-grade reliability, security and wide country coverage.

May 01, 2020

Key Benefits

  • Use local or toll-free numbers in 120+ countries, unlimited calling in up to 47 countries
  • Enjoy the highest voice quality in the cloud
  • Enables comprehensive Work-From-Home and Work-Remote-Access programs
  • Built-in security with TLS/SRTP encryption and regulation compliance

Most Popular Cloud PBX Features

Unlimited Calling, SMS and Fax

Unlimited calling in up to 47 countries and toll free or local numbers in more than 120+ countries plus IP fax services and full-featured SMS capabilities are why in 2020, Mashable says 8×8 has the “Best VoIP for enterprise businesses” and is “ideally suited for enterprise businesses as well as growing small businesses, 8×8 is a great solution for companies with ever-changing needs.”

Multi-level Auto Attendant

Automate and orchestrate your customer’ calling experience including faster response times from your employees and self-service options to get the information your customers need quickly. Administrators can use auto attendants to set rules that distribute incoming calls according to time zones, operating hours and other conditions to improve response times.

Call Recordings

Easily capture cloud-based call recording for training and archival purposes with options for direct download, saving them to a Cloud File Share Sync Account or keep them in your 8×8 account.

Visual Voicemail

Access voicemail recordings, alerts and transcriptions anytime your business phone, mobile device or via Virtual Office Desktop. Recording and transcript copies are delivered to the recipient’s email inbox for easy availability and storage purposes.

Core Productivity

Music on Hold

Having professional voice over and music in your telephone prompts, voicemail and auto attendants enhances your customers’ experiance while they access your services. 8×8 gives you the ability to upload your own recording, select from a standard menu of recordings or work with our audio production store, where a ateam of audio experts will create customized recordings that will fit your needs perfectly.

Intercom Paging

Deliver real-time announcements and emergency information using the intercom feature of select phones.

Call Handling Features

Caller ID, Blocking & Do Not Disturb

Productivity and security features are important elements in any phone system. 8×8 allows you to customize outbound caller ID and gives your employees the ability to see who is calling before pickup. Blocking features minimize unwanted calls and do not disturb minimizes distractions for employees trying to get work done.

Call Forwarding & Transfers

Enable employees to receive business calls from any phone via easy forwarding. Forward calls to ring groups to connect callers with the right resources faster. Similarly, transferring a call to a specific individual can help callers get what they need. 8×8 supports warm and cold transfers that allow an employee initiating a transfer to speak with the recipient of the transfer before the transfer occurs.

Call Waiting & Parking

Answer important calls even if you are already on a phone line. Call waiting allows you to put your current call on hold to answer another line. You can switch back and forth between callers or drop one. Call parking is similar to a call transfer. Transfers route a call to a specific person whereas with call parking, you put a caller in a virtual waiting room and any extention can answer that call.

3-Way / Conference Calling

Set up simple audio collaboration for three parties, no bridges or special equipment needed and no minutes restrictions. Three-ways calls initiated within Virtual Office under a X2 or higher license can be coverted into a video meeting with one click

Call Management & Corporate Features

Ring Groups

Even out call distribution to employees to balance workloads. Give customers one phone number that can be answered by employees in different time zones to create a global support team.

Call Monitoring

Enhance quality control and training initiatives by enabling office managers and supervisors to monitor phone conversations of select extensions.

Call Queues

Place incoming callers on temporary hold while an employee or agent becomes available to answer the call.

Directory Assistance

Add your company name and phone number to a directory assistance listing provider.


Share your availability with colleagues via pre-defined status indicators, such as away, available and busy or create your own custom status messages.