Digium Call Management Features

May 01, 2020

Acknowledgement of Call

Protect calls from being answered by unauthorized individuals when an employee’s call is ringing a home phone, mobile phone, or even another Digium Switchvox extension.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls immediately or after a few rings, either at all times or based on a schedule.

Call Cascading

Program calls to ring your different phone extensions or external phone numbers one at a time in an attempt to find you.

Find Me, Follow Me - Ring All

Allow calls to find you by ringing multiple internal or external phones, all at once or in a customized sequence.

Incoming Call Options

Utilize several options for handling incoming calls as the phone is ringing. You may answer it or dismiss it by transferring, ignoring, or sending it directly to voicemail.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Use the Interactive Voice Response technology to automate your call flow with everything from automated attendants to advanced applications like payment handling and information processing.

Personal or Company Wide
Call Rules

Each user is able to control how calls get to them and to where.

As a company whole, we can set that when a certain phone number is on the caller id, it can automatically route to certain extensions.