Digium Contact Center

May 01, 2020

Real-Time Reporting

Digium Switchvox provides real-time analytics through the Switchboard to help contact center supervisors and agents make on-the-fly staffing and call flow decisions.

Queue Call Back

The Queue Callback feature lets agents call a customer who is next in line, allowing callers to maintain their spot in the queue without staying on hold.

Call Queues

Call Queues allow you to route calls to groups of people to create simple hunt groups or advanced call center queues.

Queue Priority

Users that are assigned to multiple queues are able to prioritize queues and respond to callers with higher priority.

Hold Music & Messages

Each Digium Switchvox Call Queue can be customized to offer music, information such as estimated time for the next available agent, or announcements targeted right to those queue callers. 

Queue Announcements

Users on multiple queues or that take a combination of direct phone calls and queue calls can easily tell what kind of call they’re answering by listening to the queue announcement that plays when they answer the phone.

Queue Logs

Find out all the details about every call that comes to a Digium Switchvox queue: how many calls have been dropped, abandoned, redirected, and more.

Correlate data from the logs and reports and analyze trends with your calls to better staff your queues and manage your calls.

Queue Reporting

Queue Reporting instantly shows you meaningful trends with graphical charts. When you can see what’s happening in your queues, you can continually improve your sales and customer service processes.

Queue Status

See the calls that are happening in a call queue at the moment, plus the day’s statistics on a queue and its members.

Those statistics include the number of completed and abandoned calls as well as member information, such as completed and missed calls, login and paused time.

Queue Call Control

Contact center supervisors and managers have the ability to move a call to the top of the queue, send a call to a specific agent, or answer a call themselves.

Ringing Strategies

Each queue can have its own ringing strategy. Choose from Ring All, Round Robin, In Order, and more.

Users that are supposed to be part of a Queue can forward the Queue Calls to their external number, such as a Cell Phone or Home Phone!