Digium Apps & Integration

May 01, 2020

Outlook (Office 365)

Dial an Outlook (Office 365) contact’s phone number using your Switchvox D-Series phone or Desktop Softphone. It also notifies you of incoming calls with a popup from the task tray.


Utilizing the Open CTI standard, users can match calls with Salesforce records, log calls directly from the Switchvox plugin, click to dial from anywhere in Salesforce, and save time with an automatic screen pop.

Firefox & Chrome

Digium Switchvox “Click-To-Dial” browser feature makes it easy to dial a phone number on a webpage. To use it, click on a highlighted phone number, and when your phone rings, pick it up to connect to the call.

Application Integration

Digium Switchvox has partnered with with many Application Developers to integrate the Digium Switchvox “Click-To-Dial” feature within their applications. Check with us and we will let you know if your applications will integrate with your new Digium Switchvox service!