Digium Mobility

Work-From-Home or Work-On-The-Go

May 01, 2020

Digium Switchvox
Mobile Softphone

The Mobile Softphone allows users to make/receive phone calls and chat with colleagues using their extension

Digium Switchvox
Desktop Softphone

The Digium Switchvox Desktop Softphone allows you to make audio and video calls using your extension, directly from your MacOS or Windows computer.

Call Control

Using the Digium Switchvox Mobile Softphone or the Desktop Softphone client, users can make and receive, transfer, conference  and record calls from anywhere.

Choose Your Connection Type

The Switchvox Mobile Softphone allows a user to choose which connection to use to make and receive calls. Choose between available WiFi, LTE, 4G, or 3G connectivity on the fly.

Status Indicators

Mobile and desktop users can change their status from the Switchvox Mobile and Desktop Softphones as well as view the status of others.

One Extension, Multiple Device

Users can have up to 5 phones (including the softphone application) connected to their extension.

Show Company Number
on Caller ID

All calls made through the Digium Switchvox Mobile and Desktop Softphone use the user’s work Caller ID information, helping users keep work and personal lives separate.