Digium Reporting

May 01, 2020

Call Logs

Find out all the details about every call your Switchvox has ever handled.

  • Was the call an Incoming Call or Outgoing Call
  • The Phone Number of the caller/callee
  • Call duration
  • Which device / extension handled the call
  • AND MORE … just ask and we will let you know if you are able to see that on the logs!

Call Reporting

View graphs and reports of statistical data about the calls in your Switchvox. Find out useful information such as when the highest call volume occurs or if callers are abandoning calls when they reach a specific point in an IVR.

Mobile Worker Reporting

Digium Switchvox gives managers and supervisors the ability to run reports on all employees, including those in-house, at another office location, remote, and/or mobile.

Scheduled Reporting

Regularly scheduled reports can be emailed as HTML, XML, or a chart.

Reporting and Analytics

Switchvox delivers professional ad hoc and scheduled reporting data on every call in and out of the phone system.

With the ability to easily visualize call-flow data, making changes to staffing or phone system configuration to better suit business needs is no longer a guessing game. And with end users able to view their entire call history and logs, no longer are administrators tasked with tedious call log searches.

Call Center Reporting

Digium Switchvox offers a complete suite of Queue Reports that give call center & contact center supervisors and managers the information they need to make sure their goals are being met. 

Completed calls, abandoned calls, log in times, and many more metrics can be measured by hour, day, month, or year.

Reports Now AND Later

Switchvox provides real time queue statistics in the Switchboard Queue panel and provides up-to-date statistical data in the administrative reporting suite. 

With the Switchboard Queue panel, it’s easy to see how each group and each member of that group is performing. At a glance, queue metrics, such as how many calls are waiting and for how long, are immediately visible.

Once you find the reports you like, you are able to determine how often and exactly what time you want them delivered. Switchvox will email it to the necessary staff, automatically, on the schedule you set.

Reports and Analytics Features

Queue Reports

Switchvox Queue Reporting instantly shows you meaningful trends with graphical charts.

With the ability to monitor what’s happening in your queues, you can continually improve your sales and customer service processes.

Call Reports

With Digium Switchvox, you can view graphs and reports of statistical data about the calls in your system. Find out useful information such as when the highest call volumes occur or if callers are hanging up when they reach a specific point within your Interactive Voice Response menus.