Digium Switchvox Switchboard

May 01, 2020

Complete Call Control

Included for every Switchvox user, the Switchboard provides all of the tools you need to thrive in today’s fast-paced communications landscape.

The Switchboard works like a virtual operator panel to provide much more than just call control.

  • Basic call controls like dialing and receiving calls
  • Advanced functionality like transfer, record, park, and monitor
  • Intelligent call queue monitoring and managing capabilities
  • And so much more — all from the comfort of your web browser.

Access From Anywhere

The Digium Switchvox Switchboard requires no special software, hardware, or license keys. There’s nothing to download or install.

From your web browser, the Digium Switchboard provides simple point-and-click access to common Unified Communications (UC) tasks from anywhere.

Switchboard Features

Call Control:

Dial, Record, Transfer, Hang Up

Training Tools:

Monitor, Whisper, Barge

Call Center Functions:

Queue Monitoring and Management


Status/Presence, Chat, Video Chat

Flexible Functionality

The Switchboard is designed so that every employee can customize it to their own needs. Each user starts with either an administrator-set template or a blank canvas.

From there, users are able to customize their view using widgets, allowing each employee to optimize their daily routines.

Switchboard Widgets

My Calls

The My Calls widget allows users to view active calls, see call history, and access visual voicemail. The widget also supports advanced functions such as Hold, Transfer, and Record.

Meet-Me Conferencing

The Meet-Me Conferencing widget displays conference participants and who is talking with the options to mute people, kick them out, or end the conference. 

Call Activity

The Call Activity widget contains a user’s internal contacts to quickly view a coworker’s status and who they are talking to. Permitted users can record, monitor, whisper, or barge into any call. 

Quick Dial

The Quick Dial widget gives users easy access to their internal and external contacts. They can quickly view their coworker’s status, dial a contact, or transfer a call. 

Parked Calls

The Parked Calls widget lets users view all parked calls, who parked them, and even provides the ability to pick up the call without the need for access codes or special telephone key presses.


The Queues widget supports multiple panels, including a dedicated Wallboard panel, a My Queues panel to monitor and update queue status, manager-type Queue panels that allow override access to an employee’s queue status, the ability to manipulate the order of calls in queue, and much more.