Digium Web Management

May 01, 2020

Digium Web-Based Management allows each
End User and the Administrators
access their respective portals using a Web Browser;
such as Google Chrome, Firefox or etc.

Automated Backups

Digium Switchvox lets you set up an automated backup schedule, with file-transfer to the FTP server of your choice. You can also create a immediate backup anytime you need to.

Custom Time Frames

Digium Switchvox goes way beyond the standard Day and Night modes with custom-defined Time Frames. Need to route calls because it’s Thursday? No problem. Closed for the holidays? It’s easy to create the Time Frames you need.

Flexible Outgoing Rules

With Digium Switchvox, you have total control over how to make calls: send inter-branch calls to a other Digium Switchvox Extensions, route 911 to an analog line, send international calls to a VoIP provider, etc. This can help you save money, and protect against downtime.

Extension Management

Administrators have complete control over moves, adds, and changes for extensions using the web-based Admin Portal.

Extension Permissions

Digium Switchvox makes it simple to manage your phone extensions. Templates and Groups make it easy to create and organize extensions, and bulk-management tools help you create and modify multiple extensions at the same time.

Extension Templates

With Digium Switchvox Extension Templates, you can easily set up phone extensions with a pre-determined set of options. This makes it easy to set up new employees in each of your functional groups.

Extension Groups

With Digium Switchvox Extension Groups, you can easily manage your Digium Switchvox extensions. Groups are helpful for managing things like Call Queue members and outgoing caller IDs.

Multi-Language Support

The Switchvox interface is available in English, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Multiple Administrators

Digium Switchvox Sub-Admins can be set up to do everything the Main Administrator can do or just a few tasks. This lets you share the administrative responsibilities, but control who is able to do what.

On Hold
Music & Announcements

Whether it’s music or announcements, simply upload your original or purchased MP3 audio files to Digium Switchvox.